Youth Choir

Children’s involvement in professionally structured musical activities is of proven therapeutic value. This is why Tsedek offers a number of projects involving music. Our greatest success is the Tsedek Youth Choir in Afula-Elite.

This choir, in existence since 2005, has been created by a group of about 20 teens. They have conceived a show of Israeli music that includes peace songs, chassidic and oriental music. This high standard choir, directed by a professional musical director, has already performed many times in Israel and in Europe. The choir follows an intensive rehearsing schedule, practicing at least twice a week. Its second CD has just come out.

Ariel, Yulia and Tsav’s story: thanks to the music, they found their smile back.

Ariel, Yulia an Tsav are not regular children. They have been separated from their parents because these could not take care of them adequately. Very young, these kids have known the torments of illness, of poverty and of violence and they have already suffered from the impacts of alcohol, drugs, social misery, and delinquency on their immediate family.

In light of these harsh difficulties, the Israeli justice system has decided to place these kids in foster homes in Afula-Elite.

Within the security of this new framework, which provides structure and warmth, the children slowly regain a balanced life, with emotional and educational landmarks, with exchange and mutual aid, and with joy and projects.

One of these projects is music. What was once considered “only a child’s dream” has surpassed all of ours hopes. A real choir, directed by a talented musician and choreographer, Ascher ben Noun, has seen light and is now a known and undisputed success.

The Tsedek Youth Choir performs regularly in Israel and tours once a year in Europe. Thanks to generous sponsors and to the help of communities, the teens bring joy and hope to those who come to their show.

In addition to exposing new sides of Israel to the communities they visit, the children experience the pleasure of rejoicing others, the benefits of getting to know another culture and the awe of discovering new horizons.

Furthermore, for the teens, each new show is one more step toward social integration. It reinforces their self-confidence and their feeling of belonging.

Also, the tours are an undeniable pedagogical investment. Since its inception, a sharp improvement in the children’s psychological and social situation has been observed: better scholastic results, easier group integration, enhanced ability to take responsibilities, greater self-esteem, etc.

Music soothes the souls, travel broadens the mind; a beautiful demonstration of these known adages.