The Team


Following his move to Israel in the 1980’s, Chief Rabbi Paul Roitman would come to understand the difficulties that so many Israeli children face, especially those residing in Israel’s poorer neighborhoods. These difficulties include malnutrition, academic failure, juvenile delinquency, drugs, and violence, just to name a few. In order to overcome these difficulties, Paul Roitman decided to establish an organization that would be capable of assisting thousands of underprivileged children that had nowhere to turn. Tsedek was born.

Leadership :

President: Dr. Gilles Zerbib

General Director: Henry “Shlomi” Amar

External Relations: Olivier Granilic

External relations, English and Spanish speaking countries: Yaacov Amram

Committee Members:

Président : Dr. Gilles Zerbib

Jeff Boussidan

Jacky Bronstein

Micheline Cohen

Robert Fischel

Daniel et Myriam Gartner

Jacques Grouchko

Isabelle Puderbeutel

Karine Samama (Tel Aviv committee)

Elie Sebban

Cécile Spira

Yves Stoleru

Paul Zylberman


Our representative in France: Mona Jekel

All committee members serve on a strictly voluntary basis.


Administrative Structure
Tsedek operates with a small number of employees, thereby allowing the organization to direct almost all of its resources to programs that assist children.

The team

* A national educational coordinator is responsible for the establishment of local teams for the purpose of coordinating activities and training of managers.

* Young woman enrolled in national civil service programs organize and implement activities with instructors. These women are highly motivated to work with children.

* Instructors trained by Tsedek oversee the children on a daily basis.

* Volunteers – many of whom participated in Tsedek as children – often provide assistance, especially with logistics.

The entire team strives to guide each child on an individual basis. This proximity has been the basis for excellent results. Progress has been constant and visible.