Our mission

“Only when a society is based on the principle of social justice can we understand why we are living here”
Rabbi Paul Roitman zt”l, Founder of Tsedek

“Every child has the right to grow up with the best possible opportunities. We help all Israeli children, regardless of their background or family circumstances.
We encourage them and train them to become productive Israeli citizens.”
Shlomi Amar, Executive Director of Tsedek

Tzedek transform disadvantaged children into confident and productive Israeli citizens with:

• Afternoon Programs & Evening Activities
• Subsidized Outings to Cultural Sites and Museums
• Tzedek Choir & Music Programs
• Charity & Social Action Activities
• Homework Tutoring
• Mentoring by Counselors
• Summer Camps
• Activities at Children’s Homes
• Parenting Classes

Every day, Tsedek members can participate in afternoon and evening activities within a safe and constructive framework. School in Israel ends at 1 p.m., leaving many kids without parental supervision all afternoon and evening. Instead of roaming the streets and getting into trouble, Tsedek offers them a welcoming hug, a hot meal, help with their homework, encouragement from counselors, and access to computers and other fun activities that they could not afford to pay for. Day after day, Tsedek enhances their confidence, their life skills and their academic performance.