Musical Projects

A few years ago, there was a musical group created by the name of Tzedek, at the request of disadvantaged children from the city of Afula-Elite Hazafon in Israel. Very rapidly, this small project grew and proved to be a pivotal educational program that exceeded all expectations.

Tsedek Youth Choir 

Despite the children’s unfortunate circumstances, Tsedek allows disadvantaged children to flourish, improve their educational outcomes, regain confidence in themselves and in life. These young people express the emotions they feel through their musical performances in Israel, throughout Europe, and now in the United States. They are a great representation of the liveliness and culture of today’s Israeli youth. The charm, sincerity, and hard work the children of Tsekek put into each and every performance makes them true ambassadors that Israel can be proud of.
The choir (composed of children from ages 12 to 18 years old) usually receives a very warm welcome, and draws in a large audience at every community that hosts them, due to the passion and effort the children put in. This concert, featuring choreographed Israeli and American songs, is the product of many hours of intense dedication and practice.