who we are

  • Tsedek was created by Chief Rabbi Paul Roitman (1920-2007), a French Zionist resistance hero in Nazi-occupied World War II and an important figure who has helped rebuild the French Jewish community after the war. Most notably, he was key in helpin[...]
  • "Only when a society is based on the principle of social justice can we understand why we are living here" Rabbi Paul Roitman zt"l, Founder of Tsedek "Every child has the right to grow up with the best possible opportunities. We help all Israeli ch[...]
  • Background Following his move to Israel in the 1980's, Chief Rabbi Paul Roitman would come to understand the difficulties that so many Israeli children face, especially those residing in Israel’s poorer neighborhoods. These difficulties include ma[...]
  • Tsekek has 17 branches around Israel including 7 children’s homes for orphans and fostered children tsedek operates in some 20 locations across the country.