• Goal: To facilitate access to education for young people with no financial means.    A scholarship of NIS 5000 can be attributed to a candidate who makes an application of intent and demonstrates his or her financial needs and academic potential. [...]
  • School holidays and the months of July and August are most “dangerous” for children at risk. Unable to go on vacation, they remain without anything to do during long days. The streets become their playground. To palliate this precarious situation,[...]
  • Israel, school ends early in the afternoon. When two parents are working all day for minimum wage, they cannot afford extra-curricular activities for their children, who are left to their own devices and wander the streets. They are then confronted w[...]
  • Receive and learn to give! Tsedek is committed to ensuring that each child be sensitized to the importance of solidarity and community action. In this light, the children of Tsedek are associated with a number of social actions that benefit: T[...]
  • Many children from broken or disadvantaged homes do not celebrate their bar or bat mitzvah because of ignorance, negligence or insufficient resources.
  • Regular sessions provide Tsedek’s staff, mostly volunteers, with the various educational techniques they need to perform their role. During these seminars, they learn about activity design and implementation, psycho-pedagogy, animation and group dyna[...]
  • A few years ago, there was a musical group created by the name of Tzedek, at the request of disadvantaged children from the city of Afula-Elite Hazafon in Israel. Very rapidly, this small project grew and proved to be a pivotal educational program th[...]